Everything You Need To Know About Swimming Goggles

The popularity of swimming goggles is growing day by day. Whether the novice swimmers or the professional ones, everybody wants to swim in the pool, lake or river with their swimming goggles on. Well, wearing swimming goggles gives an impression as if the swimmer is professional and experienced, but there is a lot more that is connected with the swimming goggles. Some would think that swimming goggles are just wore to make underwater experience a lot clearer and mesmerizing. But, they totally forget that these goggles will also act as a shield for their eyes. In water, there are several harmful chemicals including chlorine, which is used to clean the water. But, chlorine is not good for human beings, especially eyes. So, in order to protect the eyes from the harmful effects of chlorine, swimming goggles are used.

So, now that you know the real purpose behind using swimming goggles, it’s time for you to decide which swimming goggles you should go for, or which one will suit you best. Well, buying swimming goggles is no rocket science, as you can do it quite easily if you keep a few important things in mind. So, here are some basics for you to consider while buying the best swimming goggles that will provide you with the best performance and high comfort. Simply putting, you will be able to buy the swimming goggles for the most amazing swimming experience.

There are two most important things that you need to consider, these are; gasket or no gasket and lens.

What is a gasket swimming goggles

Back in the day, swimming goggles used to come with a gasket, which are made up of either foam or silicone. Swimming goggles with silicone gasket are the most popular, and based on their huge popularity, companies started manufacturing them in a variety of sizes, designs and colors. Presently, they come in two shapes, round and oval. If you have a regular facial frame, then swimming goggles with round gasket will suit you best. If your facial frame is oval, then obviously, you will have to opt for swimming goggles with oval gasket.

Swimming Masks

If you are looking for something that can cover a significant area of your face, then you can opt for a swimming mask. It will be bigger than the swimming goggles with gasket, but it will be providing you with a better support and comfort level.A swimming mask sits easily on your eyes and you can strap it on firmly.There won’t be any kind of strain on your eyes. Swimming masks are very popular among the young and the novice swimmers who just slide on these masks. There isn’t much adjustment required with the masks. You can also consider having swimming masks instead of goggles.

Then comes the swimming goggles with no gasket. It was first introduced by a Swedish, and so, no gasket goggles are also known as Swedish goggles.They are designed in such a way that they easily sit at the eye socket. You don’t need anything to make these goggles hold their position.Professional swimmers like these goggles because they ensure greater focus, visibility along with the speed. The only drawback with these would be the imprint that is left after these goggles are worn for a significant period of time. So, if that’s not an issue for you, then no gasket goggles can be a great choice.Serious swimmers don’t pay attention towards things like imprints on the eyes, and therefore, they only opt for Swedish goggles.

The lens of swimming goggles

The lens is either made of polycarbonate or optical glass. Where polycarbonate lenses last for a longer period of time, but optical glass lenses offer better visibility to the swimmers. So, if you want to buy swimming goggles that can provide you with decent visibility and also last for a long period of time, then you should choose polycarbonate lenses. These are available in various colors and tints, plus they also provide a comprehensive protection against harmful UV rays. Nowadays, there is a new feature, i.e., ‘anti-fogging’ available in these lenses, thus making swimming a lot easier for you. Now, you are quite knowledgeable about this product, so you can go to the market and get yourself the best swimming goggles.

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