Nespresso Pixie vs Nespresso U

Nespresso is trying to empty my wallet! They are coming up with awesome models after models. The latest is the Nespresso U. What is the difference between the Nespresso Pixie and U? How does it stack up against the darling that is the Pixie?
Today, we will compare the two nespresso machine reviews and find out with the best nespresso machine will end up in your kitchen.

The performance on these two espresso makers are almost identical.  They both have 19 bars of pressure, and 1260 watts of power.

They both have 24 oz water tanks, and both have low level indicator.  Both uses capsules from Nespresso.

Both have automatic capsule reject, used capsule bin, and both have energy saving feature that shuts off the machines automatically.

One difference is the Nespresso Pixie has two brew settings:  Epresso and Lungo.  The U has three: Ristretto, Espresso and Lungo

Most of the differences come from design stand point of view.

First, to lock in the capsule, the Pixie uses a handle bar, while the U uses a sliding cover.

Secondly, the material used in the construction of these two machines are quite different.  While there are a lot of metal parts on the Pixie, the U is almost entirely plastic.  Some people might not care, but some do.  Aesthetic is a big part of people’s buying decision.

The Pixie is going to look and feel more high quality.  The U might feel a little hallow and light to the touch.

The drip tray on the Pixie is attached.  If you want to use a taller cup, simply flip it up.  On the U, the drip tray is detachable.  It uses a magnet to connect to the U.  You can choose to keep it attached to the unit, or store it somewhere…just remember where you put it.

The water tank on the Pixie is directly behind the machine.  The water tank on the U can be changed into 3 positions:  Directly behind, slightly to the left, or slightly to the right.

Also, the process of brewing is a little different.  With the Pixie, you drop in the capsule, close it, select the cup size, then the brewing starts..  The U is the opposite.  You select the cup size first, and once you drop in the capsule, and close the slot, the brewing starts immediately.  Just a heads up if you have owned other models of Nespresso espresso makers.

They are both about the same size.  The Pixie stands at:  4.75 x 9.75 x 12.75, and the Nespresso U stands at:  4.25 x 9.75 x 14.5.  The U might be a little bit easier to fit into tight corners because of removable drip tray and adjustable water tank location.

The pricing is also a bit different.  The Pixie in general will cost a bit more.  How much depends on the color.  Both machines offer many color options.  Some colors are more popular than others and will cost a bit more.

Which One To Buy?

Like I said earlier, both machines will make delicious espresso.  There is no difference in brewing quality.  This is more about personal preference.  A lot of people love the Nespresso Pixie because of the way it looks and feels.  Some people prefer the Nespresso U because it’s a bit cheaper and it might be a little bit easier to fit into a tight space.

If you are putting it in the kitchen where everyone sees, I would suggest the Pixie.  When you have friends and guests over, it will be a nice talking piece.

If this is for your RV or your boat,the U might be something to consider.  It’s cheaper and since it’s just you and your partner, looks might not be as important.

Where To Shop And Best Prices?

You have couple of options here:  Buy a standalone machine, or buy the machine plus milk frother bundle.  My recommendation is the bundle.  If you want to make fancy drinks like latte cappuccino…etc, you are going to need a milk frother.  You can buy them separately, but you’ll save more money by buying the together.

Use the following links to get the best prices.  You’ll see prices for both standalone and bundled models.  Remember, you will get free shipping!

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