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Pampers is reaching out to the Latino community in a fantastic way.   How would you have liked a helping hand when you were a first time mama, and your newborn was crying without knowing why.  Do yo remember those times?  I do.  Thank God, I had my familia close by.  My mom and tias always had a helping hand.  But what happens to those who don’t live close to family.  To those who’s mom or other motherly figures live else where and are not there to lend a loving advise… what then?

This is where Pampers steps in.

Milagros.  Miracles.  Every child is a miracle…. Cada bebé es un milagro.  How true is that statement.  When my mexipinos were newborns, I treasured every moment with them.  My first, because he was my first. My second, because he was longed for.  My third, because she was a girl.  All were great newborns.  If you are having problems with your newborn, and are fluent in Spanish, I strongly suggest you get to know Pampers Latino. They are on Facebook, and it’s really easy to get the ayuda you may need.

Bárbara Bermudo is the Madrina de Honor… Honorary Godmother.  She is among the most outstanding co-hosts of Univision Network’s afternoon news “Primer Impacto“, the highest rated prime time show in the United States and in 12 Latin-American countries. She is also the mother of a newborn.  She just had a baby a month ago.

Bárbara Bermudo with fellow Latina Bloggers Jennifer: Mami to Mommy, Catalina: Catalina in LA and Marcela: Culture Mami

I know… right?

She had a baby when??? LOL!

She is at the forefront of this campaign.  Along with Bárbara, there are other Madrinas…. These selected women are experts… real time experts (who happen to live in the L.A. area) are there to offer any help with all things baby!  If you are on facebook, I invite you to liketheir page.  They are gearing up for a wonderful 2011.

I hope you join me in celebrating with them.

Image courtesy of  Jennifer: Mami to Mommy.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  This is a paid post.

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