That’s Mamihood

That’s Mamihood

I’m starting a new series today.  That’s Mamihood is my version of trying to find the lighter side of parenting.  With 3 kids, ages 12,6 and 4… boy, have I got some stories for you!   If you are part of the wonderful, exciting and sometimes mind-blowing world called parenting, I hope you join in on this open-door conversation.  Mamihood is my Latina version of Motherhood.   Welcome and Enjoy!

It’s night time. You are asleep.  A DEEP sleep. When all of a sudden you think you hear, but you kind of don’t hear, your kid’s voice whispering “Mommy.”  Then the whispering gets a tad louder and when you somewhat open your eyes, all you see is a black silhouette looking down at you.  Before you can even register in your mind that it’s your son or daughter, YOU HAVE ALREADY JUMPED 10 FEET IN THE BEST TRAMPOLINE FOR KIDS from being scared to the very core of your being!!!  I may or may not have screamed a couple of times.  Yes, this has happened to me more than once.I want them safe and health


The thing is “why not do that to daddy?”  I’m sure he can handle the situation way more better than I ever will. I don’t think I can ever get used to getting scared in the middle of the night.   But…

That’s Mamihood!

Little hands!

When I was a fairly new mother, I was still a working mother.  I would work T, Th, S.  So, the time I spent with my bouncing baby boy was precious.

Many, many moons ago…..

We were at Ralphs, a local supermarket.  I had my then 1.5yo son in the shopping basket.  I had just placed my groceries on the conveyer belt to check out and moved on forward to pay.  Then the most embarrassing thing to happen to me  at a market, happened.

We pulled up, and my son was right in front of that automated machine that gives you your change in coins. Well, that little machine (totally not our fault, though) was opened.  The flap that holds the coins in place was opened leaving ALL the coins exposed.  Oh yeah!

My little nene, got hold of that flap, pulled it towards him and let it go. All the of coins spilled all over the check out counter and then on to the floor. DIOS MIO! 

“Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there”  was not around then, so I could not use it and wish myself out of there!

I’m am almost certain my face turned all sorts of red.  I immediately went to go help, but was quickly stopped by the management because it was money.  They had to close the lane down, and opened up another for the customers behind me.

I apologized over and over and over again.  My son was just sitting there, enjoying the show.  I left con una pena!?!   I never went back to that market again. EVER!  And we lived in that city for another 9 years!  I did learn my lesson, though. From then on, I pushed my 3 kids, all the way to where the groceries are bagged to avoid any machine of all sorts, as possible!  ¡Ay Mamá! But, what can I say???

What have your “little hands” done?

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