Working with a deck builder

One of the processes that home owners seem to not fully understand is working with a contractor to come up with a custom design. There could be any type of need and design, and nearly any type of contractor, and home owners tend to make the same mistakes and assumptions across the board. We will just use an example for clarification of this point, and that is when a home owner decided to build a deck in their back yard. They must work with a custom deck building, like some of the contractors from Centennial Decks. Nearly without fail, the home owner will show up to the first meeting without really thinking through what they want. They will expect to be lead through the process by their contractor, and often assume that the contractor already understands what they want.

When a home owner has an idea for a deck in their head, they almost take it as a given that the contractor will already understand that need and that image, because it is the image that is normal for them. So the single biggest issue when a home owner is working with a contractor is the communication and the assumptions about what is expected and what is understood. custom deck The only way around this, and it works with any contractor for any project, is going to be for the home owner to understand that they are going to have to be clear and detailed and precise about what they want and are expecting to see. This can be difficult, but once everyone understands this approach it makes all the meetings much more productive.

In the example of the custom deck builder meeting with a home owner who has a specific idea about what deck they want, the best thing is for the contractor to make it clear to the home owner that they need every detail. Each question should be an open question, designed to get the home owner to explain in further detail what they are expecting. The custom deck builder will get a complete sense of what the home owner wants to see, and then they will begin to offer their experienced perspective and advice. They can then start to reveal other options and other ways that things could be done, to see if the homeowner may want something different that they were unaware of. But all of this must begin with a very detailed inquisition into what the home owner has in mind when they are imagining a deck out their back door. If anything is left up to assumption, then the most common outcome will be that the homeowner is not happy wit the result. There needs to always be a clarifying conversation about what is expected and what is meant by each and every requirement, so that both parties are satisfied in the end with the result of the completed deck in the back yard. These always start with meetings that are detailed enough to ensure everyone is on the same page about the home owner requirements.

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